The Blog Owner

Somethings : 

 A girl, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an amateur writer and a servant. 

Preferring black over pink and sneakers over heals. Living behind the leans of her phone camera and wanting to capture all the great moments. Not really an expert in telling her feelings and better writing thing in English compared to her own mother language but some says she will nailed it if she try.

Music is part of her life including the stack of books in her room. She's a bookworm and a bad gamer. She could really be described as a geek only without the glasses. Addicted to eat ice-cream and chocolate along with some good coffee.

She had a dream to have her own coffee shop or just a small cafe and having her own life story written. Traveling around the world by herself and making the people around her happy are also part of her really long wish list. And maybe one day everything might happend.

This is all from me and welcome to my life journal.

P/s : The picture above was from diyaesthetic on Instagram that was made based on me.


phineas ferb said…
nice to know you iyia!! :)