New School .

 Assalamualaikum bloggers sekalian!

    Ok, blog ni dah berhabuk. Lama giler Lia tak update. hoho~ Sorry ea? Lia sekarang belajar kat maktab so tak ada masa sangat nak update. huhu. Time cuti je kot, that will happened if I'm not lazy. =.= Blame the laziness for being born with me.

   Yup, Lia dah pindah dari SMKAM ke MRSM. Kt mana? You don't need to know. haha. Everything is interesting here, starts with the collage organizations and the students itself. It was an interesting experience to meet new friends, new teachers and try to fit in with new ways.
 Ok, nanti kalau ada masa lg Lia update. TAATA~~ 



phineas ferb said…
mrsm mana tu awk? >.< salam perkenalan.. love your story dear, i think, it will be more interesting if you share somethings that challenge yourself to continue your life to be a good person.perhaps :D