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You are someone who I see from a tv, internet and even social network. 
Someone who I don't really know.

Everyone scream your name when they see you
while I just see you from far and that is through the internet,
thinking who are you ? 

Your smile, your eyes,
they keep barging in mind.
I tried to erase it but why it keep bugging me ?
Like seriously, my head is intrude by you.
A stranger.

I hate living in a life that is just full of something that I can't reach.
Now I know that sometimes we need to let go things that are impossible
to reach. 
I will let you go. 

You are a superstar,
while me, just an ordinary teenage girl.

Now I realize that I have a bigger dream in mine.
I should work on it. 
Work hard so that I can make every single person around me 
happy and proud of me. -^^-

Life your life for who you are.
Dreams something that you can reach. 
Work hard and one day you'll be a the top.

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P/s. I don't know what am I writing. Good Night.