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Hello December .

Assalamualaikum . 

Yesterday was fantastic. Not a single word can describe how I feel. I want treasure everything, from the start until the end. Until the last breath of mine. Today will be great. We can make everything. Sweet, bitter or even sour. I'll save it inside my memory box. Tomorrow will come. We will make more precious moments together. But if I'm not there with on this world, please take care of yourself.    All the memories within the year are precious. Now the last one have come , waiting to say Goodbye . Let's build more wonderful memories together. Will you make it with me ?
Time will just slipped away if we didn't use it wisely.

December, before I forgot, please be nice to me. -^^-




You are someone who I see from a tv, internet and even social network. 
Someone who I don't really know.

Everyone scream your name when they see you
while I just see you from far and that is through the internet,
thinking who are you ? 

Your smile, your eyes,
they keep barging in mind.
I tried to erase it but why it keep bugging me ?
Like seriously, my head is intrude by you.
A stranger.

I hate living in a life that is just full of something that I can't reach.
Now I know that sometimes we need to let go things that are impossible
to reach. 
I will let you go. 

You are a superstar,
while me, just an ordinary teenage girl.

Now I realize that I have a bigger dream in mine.
I should work on it. 
Work hard so that I can make every single person around me 
happy and proud of me. -^^-

Life your life for who you are.
Dreams something that you can reach. 
Work hard and one day you'll be a the top.

Writed by,

P/s. I don't know what am I writing. Good Night.