Saturday, 26 August 2017

New Chap Of Life

                                                                              بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  

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Hey there! Long time no update but still, I'm here! 

It's been a couple of month since the first day I registered in Pulau Pinang matriculation college; yes people I'm taking matriculation! I was freaking scared when I made that decisions months ago but I'm surviving with its hectic life schedule, even tho I am tired a heck. 

Still adjusting with the new environment, corrections with the new food there. The first meal that I took was nasi tomato, during Ramadhan ( I enrolled there on the second week of the fasting month). That one meal was one heck of a rice! It was so spicy and tasty both at the same time! I was sweating so hard and doing my best on finishing it but I gave up too soon since I'm not really a fan of spicy stuff. haha

Actually I got tons of thing to post in here but I am damn exhausted. I arrived home at 2 in the freaking morning and I haven't had a proper rest since yesterday. So after I press the publish button, I'm going to jump on to my bed and let sleep take me to DREAMLAND!

So tataaa my lovely readers.



Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Life after SPM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم   
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  It's been a long time since the last day I actually spent my time on blogging. My schedule were quite hectic for the past years and now I got nothing to do aside from reading the books on the shelf and play game for hours until my hand got cramp. 
  I'm not really gonna talk about the result, so let's just skip it, ok? Human got secrets and me, myself got one too,
 I don't really got close friends in school but still I'm thankful for everything that happened for my entire school and child life. It's time to move on because time waits for no man. It's ok to love your past and memories, as long as you don't live in it.

  For now, I'll be waiting for the college/university calls. You know, the stuff after high school, the usual stuff. I was thinking about perfecting my cooking skills but I don't really want to ask help from mom. She's busy with her teacher and family stuff. I'm not really much a big helper but at least I did almost all the house work when no one home. Yes people, I'm staying alone at home for the entire morning! 

  I've been thinking about working on the backyard garden but nothing seems to make any progress. Curse the laziness inside of me. The only thing I did was sweep the dead leaves and the grass that dad cut. I don't really have any idea but I still want to build that dream garden. I'll work on it Insya-Allah. 
  Aside from that, I've been helping dad with his job at the futsal, the inside court to play soccer. It was great but sometimes I got so bored because the only thing I do was waiting to press the noisy bell. Laugh out loud! 

  The best part of having this long holidays is having the time to read, play games, watch movies, editing stuff and music! I got lots of things to be done actually but those thing require money, so I just pus them aside into the waiting list again. Maybe one day, I guess.

That's all I thin for now. Pardon me for the typical grammar error and stuff. I don't really care, sorry. 
Lazy enough,

Friday, 15 April 2016

Truth .


I can't always be an angel because there also a demon  inside me.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hujan .

 Assalamualaikum semua wahai blogger sekalian !

  Hee .. !

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 Salam rindu ,

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bonjour School Holidays !

Assalamualaikum my dearest lovely readers ! 

     School holidays is here ! Yeay !! but .. there are homework , like a lot ! So Good Luck for all of us in making it ! haha   .  Beside that , I hope that I won't be too late for saying this ..


 One more thing, sorry for not updating like for a loonngg time. I just end my finals for this semester , damn the questions killed me ! (sorry for the harsh wordI study hard for this exam and I'm hoping for passing it with rainbow ! Insya-Allah . Pray for me honey !

 A lot of things happened and I really really wanted to share with you and I just want to write all of it in here but I'm just too sleepy right now. Maybe someday, Insya-Allah . hee    Just for you to know it already past 11 so that somehow explain everything . haha Current music background right now are EXO in lullaby version by xoNooodles    . Loving this so much!


Si Matahari nula menyembunyikan dirinya .
Malam pun menjelma , bertemankan Si Bulan .
Bersama Si Bintang  yang indah menghiasi langit malam .

Aku disini diam menyimpan rindu dalam kotak hati .
 Rindu buat dirinya yang jauh di mata .
Namun diharapkan dekat dihati .

Dalam dakapan malam ku titipkan doa rindu .
Doa rindu buatnya .
Semoga Dia sampaikan doa ku ini .
Buatnya yang selalu singgah di pintu fikiran .
 Selamat Malam .

  Salam rindu ,

P/s Kinda emotional , haha . Read the doa before closing your eyes and forgive the others . May Allah give His blessing upon us , Insya-Allah . Love you !

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hello !


   Hey guys ! Long time haven't write in here. haha . Sorry for the hiatus but I've got school. They are more important as I can say . Thank you so much for still sticking with this messy blog and I am very thankful for that! Let me give you a big bear hug! *hug you guys* 

  Since I'm staying in hostel , there are many thing I want to share but let not put it in here or else this entry will be like .. TOO LONG! And I know you ain't liking to read a long nonsense story right ? haha . 

Ok , that's all I want to write . Maybe next time ? haha . Sorry for the laziness guys . Ermm .. There's something I want to ask from you guys . Can you help me ? Just an easy task I want you to do . And I hope that I won't get "NO" as an answer . 

Can you drop some comment here about my blog ? Please .. ? I really want to hear what's my readers say about this old diary of mine . haha . Please guys ? I really really want to hear it from you . It will be a big help for me to improve my updates . ^^ 

Thank you for your concerns guys ! Love you . 

Salam Ukhwwah Fiilah,

Sunday, 15 February 2015

New School .

 Assalamualaikum bloggers sekalian!

    Ok, blog ni dah berhabuk. Lama giler Lia tak update. hoho~ Sorry ea? Lia sekarang belajar kat maktab so tak ada masa sangat nak update. huhu. Time cuti je kot, that will happened if I'm not lazy. =.= Blame the laziness for being born with me.

   Yup, Lia dah pindah dari SMKAM ke MRSM. Kt mana? You don't need to know. haha. Everything is interesting here, starts with the collage organizations and the students itself. It was an interesting experience to meet new friends, new teachers and try to fit in with new ways.
 Ok, nanti kalau ada masa lg Lia update. TAATA~~